PTRA recently to announce a new partnership with Turner Time Management, which will provide our members great benefits throughout the year and leading up to the 50th Annual Conference, April 27 – 30, 2022 in Nashville, TN. See below for more information available to PTRA members! 

60-Minute Complimentary Consultation

  • Technology Strategic Plan Consultation (up to 60-minutes):
    Each PTRA member company/agency has the opportunity to receive one complimentary 60-minute consultation with Steve to set your company’s renewed tech direction for the year and beyond.
    Book Your 60-Minute Company Consultation with Steve
  • Training and Coaching Discounts:
    Each PTRA member company/agency will receive 25% off (one-time use) on any training/coaching services if purchased before the 50th Annual Conference.

Recorded Webinars
Steve hosted a few webinars on a variety of topics over the last few months. To access these webinars please log into your PTRA member account and navigate to the PTRA/Turner Time Webinars menu heading. This page will allow you to download or watch each webinar. In addition to these great benefits, Steve Turner is also a secured speaker for the upcoming 50th Annual Conference. Prepare yourself and your team for Steve’s sessions at conference by viewing these webinars and scheduling your consultation with Steve soon!

How to get started:


Please reach out to the PTRA Office at [email protected] or call (952) 564-3051 for assistance.